Estimate Better Your QA Effort with Test Case Manager Run Time Execution Statistics

Estimate Better Your QA Effort with Test Case Manager Run Time Execution Statistics

I often need to estimate the time required for the testing of the new features of our product. You can always guess how much time you will need but, of course, this is not the most accurate way. It is much better to estimate your effort based on solid metrics.

In my team, Test Case Manager is our primary storage for test cases. We spent a lot of time creating and maintaining our test cases because they are the backbone of our functional and automation testing. Because of that I believe that one of the key metrics that can be used in the QA effort estimation is the previous execution time of the test cases that will cover the new feature. Because of that I added a new feature to Test Case Manager– the Statistics View.

How to use Statistics View to Estimate Your Testing Time?

– First you need to download the latest and greatest version of the tool from here.

– Next open the Search Test Cases View and find the test cases that you want to execute


– If you want a precise statistic, you need to run the test cases while you are executing them. When you click the “Run” menu option, the execution time starts to be measured. When you pass/fail/block the test case the time is saved.

Run Test Case Test Case Manager

– While the test case is running, you will see the letter “R” next to the test case id which means running

– Also, you can use the advanced search to filter all running test cases- just type “isRunning

– Anytime during the test case is in running status you can pause it through the “Pause” menu item

– If you want to stop execution without the duration to be stored just reset the test case to active status from the “Reset test to Active” menu item

Pause Running Test Case Test Case Manager

– When you have all times measured, you can select the test cases for which you want to generate statistics

– When you are done click the “Statistics” button

– In the Statistics View, you will see the last execution time for every test case when it was in Passed status for the last time + the Total Execution Time for all test cases

Estimate with Execution Time Statistics View