Export Manual Test Cases MS Test Manager to HTML with Test Case Manager


If you are writing and maintaining a large number of test cases as I do, you know that sometimes you need to send specific test cases to some non-technical person like product/project manager, BA, etc. If your preferred Test Case Management System is MS Test Manager, it doesn’t have a built-in feature for creating any export- HTML, pdf, excel. You can connect your TFS to Excel and create a report containing only the basic TFS item’s properties like name, priority, but you cannot see the actions and the expected results of your test cases.

However, you can create beautiful HTML reports of your test cases if you use Test Case Manager.

How to Export Your Test Cases?

Download the most recent version of the tool from its official site: https://testcasemanager.codeplex.com

– Next connect to your TFS Team Project and the respective Test Plan.

Select the suite node where your test cases are located. You can see the test cases of the child suites if you check the “Show Test Cases in Subsuites” checkbox.

Use the “Search-as-you-Type” to filter the items

– When you are ready select only the entities that you want to export

Export Test Cases to HTML Test Case Manager

  • ClickExport” button
  • Select Properties to Export” dialog will pop up- choose the properties that you want to be populated in the HTML report

Select Properties To Export Dialog

  • Wait a few seconds until the report is ready
  • Click “OK” button and the report will be opened in your default browser

Wait for HTML Test Case Report to be Generated

How to use the Exported HTML Report?

  • You can collapse or expand all test cases with “Expand All” and “Collapse All” buttons
  • Filter Test Cases By Priority
  • Filter Test Cases By Execution Status

Some of the properties won’t be visible depending on your previous choice- “Select Properties to Export” dialog

Test Cases HTML Report