Find Replace in TFS Test Cases Test Case Manager


If you write and maintain a large number of test cases, you know that it is a matter of time when you will have to update a large number of them regardless of the used Test Case Management Application. If you use MS Test Manager you know that it doesn’t have a built-in feature for find replace in TFS test cases.

However, you can use  Test Case Manager for the job.

Test Case Manager Find and Replace in TFS Test Cases

How to Find Replace in TFS Test Cases?

  • You can use the “on type search” to find the test cases to be updated (marked with green).
  • Next you need to select which of them to be manipulated.
  • In red color are marked all editing options that you can turn-on/off. You can change the priority, assigned to, text in the test case title/body or replace shared steps. If you want to duplicate the selected test cases you should also select a destination test suite where the newly created entities will be placed.
  • Select a new Assigned Person from the “Assigned To” drop down.
  • Select a new priority for the selected items from the “Priority” drop down.
  • In the first grid place, all shared step ID pairs (Old Shared Step ID – New Shared Step ID). When the update process begins, the old shared steps will be substituted with the new ones.
  • In the second grid place all text pairs (Old Text – New Text) which you want to be replaced in the Title or the Body of the selected test cases.
  • When you are ready click “Find and Replace” button if you want to update the selected items or “Batch Duplicate” if you want to duplicate them.

You can find more about the built-in features of MS Test Manager on MSDN–

You can read the full documentation of Test Case Manager here: