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The “On Type Search” is a great extension to the standard MS Test Manager, which is one of the key benefits of Test Case Manager. However, long time ago I recognize the need for a more advanced search queries engine. For example, if you want to search for all test cases that contain the word “renewal” but don’t contain “upgrade”. The last version of Test Case Manager includes Fidely advanced search compiler. Which means that you can perform AND/OR like queries in all main views.

You can find more information about Fidely in my blog post- Fidely Open Source .NET Search Query Compiler.

Advanced Search Queries Test Cases Initial View

How to Perform Advanced Search Queries?

The default search query compiler defines =,!=<<=> and >= as comparative operators, but you can change operator symbols to eqneltle,gt and ge. You can use “:” to search for partial text in properties- “contains queries“.”!:” means not contains.

Test Case/Shared Steps Aliases

You can use the following properties in your search queries.

  • title – the title of the test case or shared step
  • assignedTo – the current assigned to person
  • createdOn – the creation date
  • modifiedOn – the last modification date
  • area – current item area
  • priority – current item priority
  • id
  • suiteTitle – test case suite title

Sample Search Queries

title:search AND title!=hit  

Finds all entities with a title containing “search” and not containing “hit”.

createdBy:Valentin OR createdOn>=”2013/10/10″ 

Finds all items created by a person that name includes “Valentin” or the creation date is greater or equal to 2013/10/10.

If you want to use the value of DateTime type, you have to enclose the value in double quotes. Because the default search query compiler recognizes / as the divide operator. Note that if you enclose the value in single quotes, it’s treated as String value.


Finds all test cases which starts with “search”.


Finds all test cases which ends with “search”.

All Shared Steps Advanced Search

Find Replace View Advanced Search

If you need more information on the matter, visit the official project’s documentation.