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Mixing Specflow with Behaviours Design Pattern
Learn two approaches how to achieve higher maintainability of your SpecFlow bindings through the usage of the Behaviours Design Pattern.
Integrate NuGet Package Restore TFS Build 2013 or Older
Learn how to modify the default TFS builds' template and add options for NuGet packages restore. Add a dedicated restore packages settings' section.
Advanced SpecFlow: 4 Ways for Handling Parameters Properly
Learn how to handle more sophisticated scenarios that require multiple parameters. Create data driven tests using scenario outline examples tables.
Advanced SpecFlow: Using Hooks to Extend Test Execution Workflow
Learn how to extend the tests’ execution workflow running additional code on various points of the workflow. Configure SpecFlow hooks' execution order.
Compelling Sunday – 17 Posts on Programming and Quality Assurance
Compelling Sunday is back for week forty-nine of 2016! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on Programming and Quality Assurance.

Design Patterns in Automated Testing

Find how to utilize the power of various design patterns so that you can achieve more maintainable and readable automated tests. Learn how to write high quality automated tests.

C# Geeky Shelf

The series contains diverse types of topics- C# code for testing various complicated scenarios, productivity tips and tricks, geeky performance benchmarks.

Pragmatic Automation with WebDriver

Consists of tons of practical information how to start writing automation tests with WebDriver. Also, contains a lot of more advanced topics such as automation strategies, benchmarks and researches.

Jenkins Continuous  Integration

Learn how to integrate Jenkins in you continuous integration process. Contains guides how to setup source control, test execution or publish test results.  

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Compelling Sunday Roundups

Each week, I share with you the most popular and engaging articles, reviews, videos in the field of Programming, Quality Assurance and Productivity.

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Anton Angelov

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I am Anton Angelov, a Quality Assurance Architect at Telerik a Progress Company, a leading vendor of products that make the life of programmers easier. I am passionate about automation testing and designing test harness and tools, having the best industry development practices in mind. Furthermore, I am an active blogger and the founder of Automate The Planet. I strive to make the site one of the leading authorities in Automation Testing by presenting compelling articles, inspiring ardent discussions amongst the community. I am also one of the most-rated-answer authors of questions about Test Automation Frameworks (WebDriver) on Stack Overflow.

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